The Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Grove is an annual holiday event located on the Windsor Town Green, the premier central gathering place for Windsor residents and visitors. The event highlights 200 lighted individually decorated holiday trees lining the walkways of the Green. Students, families, groups and local businesses showcase their talents in design and decorating with their themed trees which draw thousands of visitors to Old Downtown Windsor for the Holidays.
The event runs throughout the month of December each year. All the trees first light up on the first Thursday of December and are a highlight of the annual Town of Windsor Holiday Celebration.

The Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Grove will be open through New Year’s Eve with streaming Holiday music and spectacular lighting displays.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I adopt a tree?

    Windsor area school classrooms, families, individuals, groups and businesses may Adopt-a-Tree from September 15 through October 31. It’s easy to apply online at, service fees do apply. You can mail form and payment (No CASH) to 228 Windsor River Rd. #226, Windsor, CA 95492 or drop off at Cravins Candy Emporium on Windsor Town Green at 720 McClelland Dr. Entries are assigned on a first come first serve basis, the deadline is October 31stReservations will not be accepted unless the current annual application Form is used and applicable fees are included. Applications are processed on a first-come, first served basis and limited to 200 spots. We do not accept cash payments. you can also  Apply online

  • May I adopt a tree for someone else?

    Yes. You, your group or business can adopt a tree for another individual, family, neighborhood, club, classroom, non-profit, etc. There is a space on the entry form to indicate if you choose to reserve a tree for a different participant. If you want to adopt but don’t have a group or person in mind, just indicate on the form and we will find a worthy recipient of your generous donation to decorate your tree.

  • Can I get someone to sponsor me or my group?

    Yes. There is space on the entry form to indicate if you are seeking someone else to adopt your tree. The Foundation will do our best to match you with a donating sponsor but there are no guarantees that one will be found. Please consider soliciting and identifying a sponsor before submitting the entry form.

  • What is the fee and what is included?

    The fees on the entry form are tax-deductible donations to the Windsor Parks and Recreation Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit CA corporation. The donation will be recognized by a laminated 8 ½ x 11 label on the wine barrel stand identifying the Decorator of the Tree and below the Sponsor of the Tree if different. The Foundation provides all live trees assembled in stands attached to the barrel and a single red bulb on top in honor of Charlie Brown. Lights and all other tree decorations are the responsibility of the participant.

  • Who decorates the tree and when?

    Community Decorating Day starts at 2 pm the Sunday before the first Thursday in December. If the Adoptee chooses not to decorate their tree they must arrange in advance with the Foundation to have a sponsored participant do the decorating. Decorations must be completed by 5:00 pm the first Wednesday in December or the purchaser will give up the tree to another adoptee.

  • What kind of decorations can be used?

    Exterior LED lighting is required by the Town of Windsor, who generously provides electrical service for the Grove. If non-LED lights are found on a tree during the event they will be disconnected and flagged for removal. Due to the shared and limited nature of electrical power to the Grove, no transformers are allowed. Extension cords, if necessary, must be exterior-rated and taped down. All decorations must be weatherproof and firmly attached to branches to withstand windy and wet conditions which are common occurrences in the month of December. You are encouraged to be creative in your choice of theme for your tree. Handmade ornaments are recommended to be laminated and/or made with Gorilla Glue (no Elmer’s Glue or Rubber Cement as these dissolve). Tinsel is not allowed. The Decorators are responsible for all decoration removal after Jan 1st.  All ornaments and lighting that are left when trees are taken down will be discarded or donated.

  • Can I provide my own tree or holiday symbol?

    Yes, but all entries must be pre-approved by the Foundation before the application is accepted.

  • What is the timeline for the Grove?

    June 1 to September 1 , sponsor dates

    September 15 to November 1,  adopt-a-tree dates

    The Sunday before the first Thursday of December is Community Decorating Day, 2-5 pm.
    – First day trees are available to decorate.
    – Go to check-in desk near East Pavilion for location of your tree. Have your LED lights available for
    approval before decorating. Bring black electrical tape to cover plug connections or it will be available
    at the check-in desk.

    Tree decorations must be complete by First Wednesday in December by 5 PM.
    – Undecorated trees will be given by the Foundation to another party after this date.

    First Thursday in December – Town of Windsor Holiday Celebration and Tree Lighting
    – The Charlie Brown Trees are featured in this annual family event that starts at 5 pm with tree lighting at 7.

    January 1st is the first date you can undecorate your tree.
    – Please make arrangements with People4Parks if you have to undecorate before Jan. 1.
    – Undecorating early may prevent you from adopting a tree in the future.

     January 4th, last day to undecorate your tree. All ornaments left after January 4th will be donated to the Windsor Service Alliance.